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    The curriculum has been developed to provide comprehensive understanding on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws in India with its sheer application in practical professional career.

    The following are the modules which are covered under the course-
    • Module 1: Basic Financial Analysis and Valuation of business
    • Module 2: Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law
    • Module 3: Pre packaged Resolution Process for MSME
    • Module 4: Investigation
    • Module 5: Stress Assets Management

    DESIGN OF COURSE (Subjects)
    01. Financial Ratio Analysis and Business Valuation with case studies and Sp situation Valuation
    02. Business law with relation to IBC
    03. Company law with relation to IBC
    04. Valuation of Business practical Approach
    05. Debt & Restructuring
    06. Insolvency and Bankruptcy- corporate
    07. Insolvency and Bankruptcy- Guarentor
    08. Insolvency and Bankruptcy- MSME
    09. Case studies
    10. Stressed Assets
    11. Discussion on career opportunities

    Enrollment Process

    Eligibility criteria has been kept minimal and that is of a 10+2 pass.

    Furthermore, once the students enrol themselves, they would be provided with orientation and their journey with KiPEdu will commence. KiPEdu will conduct examinations, evaluation and at the end declaration of results will be held.

    Training Methodology

    • Students will be provided with skill training and professional training.
    • Students internship will be monitored on regular basis.
    • This course will generate trained manpower with employability in law firms, banking, mutual-funds, corporates in handling insolvency and bankruptcy matters and hence to achieve this students will be trained with a designed learning structure.
    • Weekly exercises will also be given to students to make them focus entirely into the course-subjects with an intention to broaden their mind with the best of creativity & learning in regards to this branch of law.

    Duration & Fees

    Course Duration – 30 Hours
    Classes will be held for 2 DAYS (6 hours) per week.

    Course Fees - Rs. 4,000/-

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