1. You will deal in buying and selling companies

  2. You will be advising clients on buying & selling companies

  3. You will be supportive consultant to

You Will Learn

Design Of Course (Subjects)

01. Financial Ratio Analysis and Business Valuation with case studies and Sp situation Valuation
02. Business law with relation to IBC
03. Company law with relation to IBC
04. Valuation of Business practical Approach
05. Debt & Restructuring
06. Insolvency and Bankruptcy- corporate
07. Insolvency and Bankruptcy- Guarentor
08. Insolvency and Bankruptcy- MSME
09. Case studies
10. Stressed Assets
11. Discussion on career opportunities

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Duration & Fees

Course Duration – 30 Hours
Classes will be held for 2 DAYS (6 hours) per week.

Course Fees - Rs. 4,000/-

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